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Compliance standards

Efficiently manage and maintain compliance with international compliance standards

Ensure adherence to the following global compliance standards
ISO 9001

International standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It provides a framework for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to delivering products and services that meet customer requirements and comply with applicable regulations.

ISO 22000

Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) standard. It outlines requirements for ensuring food safety throughout the entire food chain, from production to consumption. It's designed to help organizations identify and control food safety hazards.

ISO 27001

Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) standard. It provides a framework for managing and protecting sensitive information within an organization. It includes processes for risk assessment and implementing security controls to safeguard information assets.

ISO 14000

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) standard. It covers various aspects of environmental management, including compliance with legal requirements, pollution prevention, and continual improvement of environmental performance. The most well-known standard in this series is ISO 14001, which provides a framework for establishing and maintaining an effective EMS.

ITU-T Y.4903

Recommendation ITU-T Y.4903 provides key performance indicators (KPIs) for smart sustainable cities (SSCs) and general principles for selecting KPIs to help cities achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).


This Recommendation provides a means to benchmarking and disseminating best practices in utilizing ICTs and other technologies to enhance cities' sustainability and connect their smart strategies to the SDGs through an inclusive process. 

Source: International Telecommunication Union

ITU-T Y.4904

Recommendation ITU-T Y.4904 provides a maturity model for smart sustainable cities. This maturity model helps to identify the goals, levels and key measures that are recommended for cities to effectively examine their current situation and determine critical capabilities needed to progress toward the long-term goal of becoming smart sustainable cities (SSCs).

Source: International Telecommunication Union

What will your organization be able to achieve with us?
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ComplianceIQ: Risk Assessment Suite

Evaluate your organization's alignment with international compliance standards (ISO, Smart Cities, among others). Includes Gap Analysis, Scope Definition, Comprehensive Risk Assessment, QMS Framework Development, and Control Definition. Receive a detailed score and an action plan for improvement.

CertifyPro: Training and Awareness

Expert consultants from educate your employees on the significance of quality management and their specific roles within the Quality Management System (QMS).

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AuditGuard: Internal Audit & Management Review

Ensure readiness for external certification with our comprehensive internal audit. Includes Stage 1 (Documentation Review) and Stage 2 (Main Certification Audit).'s expert consultants assess processes, controls, and records, providing a clear plan for addressing any identified non-conformities.

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