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Ensure robust protection and compliance for your organization's digital assets

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CyberFoundry: 100-Day Foundational Cybersecurity Program

Kickstart your cybersecurity journey with a comprehensive 100-day program. Includes weekly touchpoints, internal and external policy development, risk assessments for top vendors and critical systems, and maturity assessment. Ideal for companies without a cyber presence, it also provides equipment lists and budgets, excluding legal aspects.

RiskGuardian: Digital Risk Assessment

Identify and mitigate digital risks with our comprehensive assessment. Features inventory, risk identification and qualification, targeted assessment of critical assets, and risk treatment analysis. Safeguard your brand, digital assets, reputation, and sensitive data from potential adversaries.

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CISO Sentinel: Fractional CISO

Elevate your cybersecurity strategy with a fractional CISO. Services include strategy development, policy management, privacy practices, risk management, compliance assurance, incident response, and more. Maturing your cybersecurity program has never been more accessible.

CIO Navigator: Fractional CIO

Lead your company to technology efficiency with a fractional CIO. Services encompass IT strategy development, policy management, technology operations, application development practices, budgeting, vendor management, and more. Drive digital transformation for enhanced efficiency.

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SecureProbe: Security Assessment-as-a-Service

Bolster your security posture with our assessment services. Options include network security testing, software composition analysis, secure code review, penetration testing for web apps, APIs, and more. Virtual workshops empower your application security team.

VendorGuard: Third-Party Risk Management

Mitigate risks associated with third-party vendors. Services include identification, screening, evaluation, risk assessment, mitigation, contracting, ongoing monitoring, and offboarding. Ensure vendors adhere to best practices to safeguard against hacking, data leaks, and insider threats.

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DataSentinel: Data Protection Impact Assessments

Securely handle sensitive data with impact assessments. Services cover scope, context, purpose, consultations, necessity assessment, risk evaluation, and mitigation. Essential for compliance and avoiding fines associated with mishandling data.

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